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Since 1982 we have specialized in turning the dreams of our clients into reality through both architectural design & visualization. 


We specialize in the following services:


  • Design for Remodeling or Expanding Your Home


  • New Home Design





We are adept at turning the simplest of ideas into detailed plans for construction. 


We guarantee quality in all our work and, most importantly, your satisfaction.

Philosophy ---


Ultimately, our goal is to create high-quality home designs that are appropriate to their settings AND extremely functional.


Personal attention to each job ---

Each client receives one-on-one attention through the entire process from at least one of our residential designers.


Client Participation ---

We invite our clients to participate and provide input during the design process: we never forget that our job is to make your dream a reality.


Creativity ---

Creativity is achieved through our collective architectural knowledge and design experience, as well as through brainstorming sessions with the client. Because each of our designs is driven by a unique customer dream, when each is completed it expands our conception of what is possible. Expect style and class that will not fade with the ages. 


Professionalism ---

We maintain a consistently high level of professional care and responsibility in each project. We guarantee all of our work to be of the highest quality, as we know our clients would expect nothing less. Your project is indeed our project.


Our founder, Andrew King, won the Van Allen Architectural Design Prize when he was 22 for his design of a permanent home for the Olympic Games. Since that time he has designed both commercial and residential projects large and small, from banks and high-rises to kitchen and bathroom remodels.


"It's not  the size of the project," he says, "it's what you can do with it. You've got to commit to the client's dream. Whether it's a museum or a shed, it's an opportunity to do your best work."  


Profile Picture for Andrew King, President and CEO of Architectural Illustrations, Inc.

Andrew King holds a degree in architecture from Georgia Tech. In 1982, after working as a commercial design architect for 10 years, he founded Architectural Illustrations, Inc., (parent company of King Home Design), as the President and CEO.  He has showcased his design skills in dozens of custom home design and remodeling projects. Meanwhile he has continued to develop his skills as an artist, designer and renderer. To this point, he has produced over 6,000 professional commercial illustrations and hundreds of fine art paintings.


Profile Picture for Drew King, Vice President of Architectural Illustrations, Inc.

Drew King  joined the firm full time in 1999, after following in his father's footsteps by earning his architectural degree from Georgia Tech. He is the Vice President of Architectural Illustrations, Inc. (parent company of King Home Design). He provides home design services and residential construction drawings. He also has 27 years of illustration experience in watercolor and traditional media, while specializing in digital rendering and media needs.

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